Early Years

Performance Indicators

1.01 Accessibility of Licensed Child Care Spaces1,2,3


How easy or difficult it is for parents to find appropriate child care depends upon the availability of care near where they live. This ranges from significant difficulty finding appropriate care (undesirable as there may be lengthy waiting times to find a space), usually because spaces are full, to spaces are generally available (though there may be some difficulty finding care in specific locations).

The accessibility of appropriate child care for infant/toddler and age 3 – 5 is illustrated on the maps below. The shading on the map indicates the degree of difficulty, on average, parents experience finding child care in their Local Service Area. Generally, the more difficulty parents experience, the longer it takes to find an appropriate space. Through new child care improvements, Government is aiming to improve accessibility to child care.

Note on 2019/20 Accessibility Rate calculation: For the 2019/20 reporting year, improvements were made to the calculations used for the accessibility of licensed child care spaces. For more details about the calculation and what is included and excluded from the measure, please see the Reference Guide.

1 Licensed child care spaces are spaces from Childcare Operating Funding Program (CCOF) contracted facilities and include both group and family facilities.
2 Excludes licensed 'preschool' and 'group multi-age' child care spaces.
3 Accessibility is indicated by the average number of enrollment days for each space each week. A space that is enrolled five days of each week is inaccessible. A space that’s enrolled for four days each week is accessible for one day each week. If that one particular day each week is all that a family needs then that space is accessible; it would not be accessible for a family requiring more than that one particular day of child care each week.

The three childcare measures (1.01) cannot be calculated for 2020/21, as program information used in the calculation of these measures was not available for large portions of 2020/21. They will be available again in 2021/22.

Group Infant / Toddler Accessibility 2019/20
Group Age 3 to 5 Accessibility 2019/20