Who We Serve

SDA Demographic Data

Population by Age Cohort
Calendar Year 2018
Population Proportion by Age Cohort
Calendar Year 2018
Indigenous Child Population
Source: 2016 National Household Survey

MCFD delivers or funds services across the following six service lines to approximately 161,000 children, youth and families every year:

  • Early Years (ECD & CC)

  • Children and Youth with Special Needs (CYSN)

  • Children and Youth Mental Health (CYMH)

  • Child Safety, Family, Youth and Children and Youth in Care (F&CS)

  • Adoption (AS)

  • Youth Justice (YJ)

MCFD Complaints Program

The ministry receives approximately 1,150 complaints each year, 0.71% of the clients served. The ministry’s Complaints program is designed to help the ministry respond to the concerns of children, youth and families in a consistent, respectful, fair and timely manner.

Complaints by Service Line/Program 1
1 “-“ Indicates no counts of complaints.

Complaint issues are accepted when they are about a decision, act, or failure to act related to a service or program offered by MCFD or delegated services or programs offered by a Delegated Aboriginal Agency.

A complaint may not be accepted if it is related to a matter that is before the courts, or is eligible for a review panel hearing under the Mental Health Act or under another Act or Regulation, the complaint concerns are related to a youth justice service, the matter is eligible for a foster parent review or appeal, and/or the complainant does not want to proceed with the complaint.

Complaints by Complainant’s
Core Issue
For Fiscal Year 2017/18

Over 2017/18, the most common complaint issues were about Case Planning (42%), followed by Information and Communication (25%) and Dignity and Respect (9%).

Eligible complaints can be processed in two ways, Resolution – where, with the support of a complaint specialist, complainants have an opportunity to be actively involved with MCFD or Delegated Aboriginal Agency staff in finding a solution that addresses the complainant’s concerns, and Administrative review – where a Review Authority, a person with no involvement in any matters related to the complaint, will gather information, come to a conclusion, and make recommendations. Approximately 500 – 600 complaint issues are eligible and processed through Resolution each year; over 50 complaint issues are processed through Administrative Review.

Complaint Resolutions Completed by Length of Time
Complaint Resolutions Completed Over 2017/18 May
Have Been Opened in a Previous Fiscal Year.

Almost 40% of complaints following the Resolution process, completed over 2017/18, were completed within 30 days; over 70% of complaints were completed within 90 days.

Action Taken Following
Complaint Resolution
For Fiscal Year 2017/18

Following Complaint Resolution, an Explanation of Decision is the most common action taken (45%), followed by Provision of a Service (14%).

Complaint Administrative Review Closed, by Length of Time
Complaint Administrative Reviews Closed Over Fiscal Year 2017/18
May Have Been Opened in a Previous Fiscal Year.

Less than 50% of Administrative Reviews took longer than 180 days to complete.

Action Taken Following
Complaint Administrative Review
For Fiscal year 2017/18

Following an Administrative review, the most common response was an explanation of decision (22%), followed by no action taken (14%) (35% of Administrative Reviews however had no outcome recorded).